September 17 - 28, 2019

When a friend invites you to enjoy a cup of coffee, your friend, on some level, invites you into conversation. Inspired by the invitation of a friend to “grab a cup of coffee,” please consider this your invitation to join us on a journey to Germany where you are sure to enjoy rich conversation stimulated by your encounters with history, religious ideas, culture, and cuisine.

We believe that a meticulously planned itinerary with an appropriate level of built-in flexibility can provide the nuance that distinguishes a trip from a journey. For many fellow travelers, accepting our invitation to conversation in Germany becomes a spiritual and religious journey through church history. For other travelers, the journey tends to be an intellectual exploration of past human events and actions that nurtures a personal examination of who we are today. For still others, the journey becomes most vivid through rich conversation in a delectable context of German culture and cuisine.


Whatever you may anticipate you will find most stimulating in your own experience of history, religious ideas, culture and cuisine in Germany, an invitation to conversation over 500 years ago provides the fascinating background for what we hope will become your purposeful, personal and memorable journey with us.

Day 1


Wheels up!

Depart Chicago O'Hare, or other major airport hub, and fly overnight to Germany.

Day 2


Arrival in Germany and Welcome Dinner

There will be time to unpack, relax, and explore a bit, if you desire, before we gather to experience a wonderful welcome dinner.

Day 3


Weimar-Ehringsdorfer Brauerei

We will assemble mid-afternoon for a keynote presentation before departing for a brewery tour, a Lutheran tea (or two) and an authentic treat of locally produced German "BBQ".

Day 4



We will visit the monastery situated in a thriving city at the crossroads of the medieval world where Martin Luther lived, prayed, and worked as a monk. This city still thrives hundreds of years later. You are sure to be delighted by what you discover here.

Day 5


Wittenberg-Reformation Churches and Sites

We will visit several sites in this town made famous by an indelible association with the Reformation. 

Day 6


Weimar-K-Z Buchenwald

The confrontation by this well presented German testimony and commitment to "never forget" promises to leave a profound impression on you.

Day 7


Eisenach-Wartburg Castle

Luther translated the New Testament into German while living in this famous castle. We will also visit the Bach House as we are inspired by incredible contributions to culture on this day.

Day 8


Coburg-Veste Coburg

This extraordinary castle is sure to broaden and deepen your perspective on this fascinating age of European reformations.

Day 9


Eisleben-Birth House and Death House

The Geburtshaus and Stebehaus that commemorate the birth and death places of Martin Luther will no doubt stimulate conversation on a range of topics past and present.

Day 10


Explore Munich

We will endeavor to depart our hotel early enough to explore Munich the afternoon.

Day 11


Oktoberfest... Prost!

We will attend Oktoterfest earlier in the day. Although most of us will return to the hotel, you will be welcome to stay or revisit Oktoberfest. Prost!

Day 12


Depart for Airport and Wing Our Way Home

We will depart our hotel in Berlin for a short drive to the airport. We will board our plane home in the hope our conversation continues.


Map and General Information

Hover your mouse over the images to the right for general information about your dining experiences, accommodations, and the power of

presence you can only experience by traveling to Germany to

enjoy the rich culture and taste the delectable cuisine;

   a power of presence simply not possible through

even the highest quality pictures and video.

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