Your experience in Oberammergau promises to become a treasured memory. Around the Passion Play, we have created two inspiring intellectual, spiritual, and cultural journeys. One journey, Reformation 503, will take place in June 2020. A second journey, Christ, Culture, & Cuisine, will embark in September 2020. While each journey will be unique in focus, both journeys feature the Passion Play in Oberammergau with its captivating history.

The origin of the Passionsspiele-Oberammergau during the bloody Thirty-Years War, an event which generations of historians have marked as the end of end of the European age of reformations, stands as just one fact in the fascinating history of this play which has been performed every 10 years for the last 400 years. In addition to the ravages of war, in 1631, infectious diseases spread in Swabia and Bavaria. In 1632, a man named Kaspar Schlisler brought the plague to Oberammergau. It was under the terrible circumstances of war and disease this community of faith pledged themselves to offer a passion play once every ten years. The first Passion Play was performed in 1634. Once a decade ever since, and for most of us, as a once in a lifetime blessing, the Passionsspiele-Oberammergau will be performed in 2020.


June 2 - 13, 2020

     Your experience in Oberammergau promises to become a treasured memory. Around the Passion Play, we have created an inspiring intellectual, spiritual, and cultural journey in summer when strawberries are in season, flowers are in full bloom, and the warm summer air seems to enhance the taste of Thüringen cuisine and the refreshment of Lutheran Tea.

September 14 - 25, 2020

     Your experience in Oberammergau promises to become a treasured memory. Around the Passion Play, we have created a wonderful journey through history, culture & cuisine in Switzerland and Germany.

     You will no doubt savor your delectable tastes of Swiss chocolate and Gruyère cheese, even as you anticipate the bucket list experience of Oktoberfest in Munich.



Creating your own purposeful journey can be as simple as determining that you have enough people for a viable trip​ featuring one of our great itineraries and finding mutually agreed upon travel dates. Contact us and we will discuss the feasibility of offering your own customized journey. 

You may decide that you have enough people in your congregation, organization or group to extend, for example, your own Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany. The reasons to do so can be many and varied. Perhaps, the dates of journeys we have planned simply do not work for you and other fellow travelers in your group. Maybe you know another pastor or congregation leader with whom you would like to partner in offering a journey together and believe you will have enough fellow travelers to do so. It could be the case that you are part of an informally affiliated group of colleagues or friends for a purposeful journey. Whatever your reasons, we would be delighted to discuss extending an invitation to your own customized journey.

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