We hope you will measure the quality of your journey, not by the quantity of sights you see, but by the invaluable experiences you absorb.

Focused on educational and cultural travel to encourage, empower, and enlighten people in their quest for lifelong learning

We develop our expeditions to be expressions of our mission as articulated by our philosophy. From the beautiful base location we choose, to the synthesis of an itinerary, to cuisine chosen to complement your experience of culture and stimulate your conversation; in every detail, our philosophy guides us so that our expedition will become your journey. 


Whether you choose to embark as a fellow traveler on a journey originally designed as one of our established expeditions such as our Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany, or you are part of a small cohort of fellow travelers on a the first journey based on a newly and fully customized expedition developed just for you and your cohort of fellow travelers, our expeditions are designed to positively impact the lives of all who journey with us. 

Some basic principles inform our philosophy...

Balance of stimulating experience, serious reflection...
                                                                       ...and just plain fun

One word that describes our intent for your journey: "Balance". We believe each place we visit should relate to a whole story that forms the arc of a narrative. Moreover, we hope you will measure the quality of your journey, not by the quantity of sights you see, but by the invaluable experiences you absorb. Our journeys plan for significant downtime to reflect with the expert traveling with you, with fellow travelers, or time to reflect alone. Finally, while your journey will no doubt be purposeful and fulfilling, we also recognize your need for just plain fun.

Expert interaction and rich personal encounters

You will travel on a journey with an expert who holds multiple degrees in European history and the academic study of religion; an expert who also has formal theological training, as well as years of university teaching and pastoral experience. Rather than a trip led by a tour guide trained to disseminate information from a script, you will interact with an expert who will be available as a resource for as much depth as you desire, or to leave you to your own reflection and your interactions with fellow travelers. We believe your journey will be enhanced through your interaction with an expert.

One beautiful base location

We believe the experience of fellow travelers will be richer for having lived in one beautiful base location for the duration of a journey. Our expeditions are created with the potential for a life-changing experience in view. Spending one or two nights in a location and moving like a herd from city to city does offer the opportunity to see a greater geographical area in a short time. Staying in one location for the duration of a journey offers the greater potential for experiencing a people and their culture in more meaningful ways as a reflection of a purposeful journey with the potential to deepen your perspective and enrich your life.

Small cohort of fellow travelers

Our journeys consist of 12-24 fellow travelers for two important reasons. First, substantive interaction with an expert who encourages, empowers and enlivens conversation among fellow travelers can only happen in meaningful ways among a small cohort. Second, the precise number of fellow travelers on a journey will be determined, in large part, by the  space available in our beautiful base location that provides the ambiance and atmosphere apropos to our engagement of one another in conversation. For a journey based a fully customized expedition we will, of course, discuss an appropriate number of fellow travelers.

Meticulously planned; yet flexible journey

How does a trip become a journey? Carefully selected excursions that form a narrative, staying in one beautiful location, and a balance of sightseeing excursions, time for reflection and activities that are just plain fun are all significant factors in transforming trips into journeys. Flexibility can also contribute significantly to fulfilling the purpose of your journey. Flexibility, cannot be absolute. Too much flexibility can produce confusion and frustration. Our drivers must conform to the law. A meticulously planned expedition with an appropriate level of built-in flexibility can provide the nuance that distinguishes a trip from a journey.

Cuisine as a delectable complement to culture & conversation  

Cuisine, and the wonderful dining experiences we share, provide a delectable complement to your rich encounters with the culture and the delightful conversation you will enjoy with fellow travelers. Especially in Europe, a dining experience becomes an event to be enjoyed and savored at a comfortable, leisurely pace in a way that provides the natural opportunity for rich conversation. The dining experiences on an expedition that becomes your journey are carefully selected to expose you to a variety of authentic dishes of a very high quality served in settings that range from interesting and eclectic to the beautiful and spectacular.

Convenient flights with fellow travelers

Your may mark the formal beginning of your journey when your convenient flight actually goes wheels up, but those first joyful encounters at the airport gate may challenge your perception of when your journey actually begins. Upon reflection, you may even realize that preparing for your journey with fellow travelers was, in fact, part of the journey. From the inception of your journey, you will be part of a cohort of fellow travelers to which you will, no doubt, contribute and gain much. We travel together on outbound flights from a major airport hub. For a reasonable cost, a few fellow travelers may be able to extend their stay. 

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