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You may decide that you would like us to plan a highly customized purposeful journey to Europe, another part of the world, or even a domestic destination that offers a rich opportunity to explore history, religious ideas, culture & cuisine. As long as our mission and philosophy serves your interests in a viable way, we are interested in developing a custom journey for your organization, group or congregation. 

Maybe your interests are in European reformations other than the Protestant Reformation in Germany. You may be interested in the Catholic or Calvinist Reformation, the Swiss, Scottish or English Reformation. Some other area of European intellectual and cultural history might stimulate your desire as part of your quest for life long learning. Perhaps you and you and your fellow travelers are interested in the Cold War and can see yourself on journey based in the beautiful and fascinating city of Berlin.


Perchance you are intrigued by the possibility of a literary tour of Ireland or desire to follow the Italian journey of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or some other Enlightenment figure. Perhaps you would like to explore culture through the lens of experiencing wine or food; maybe music, theater, or opera will enhance the experience of your journey. If you share your ideas with us, whether fully developed or as the flicker of an idea for an purposeful journey, we will work to customize an experience that will truly become your journey. Contact us to explore the possibilities. 

Read more below about the process of creating your custom journey and how our purposeful journey became the journey for one congregation:


Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC will listen to any organization, group or congregation who believes we can create a viable, custom, and mutually beneficial expedition or purposeful journey based on the principles articulated in our mission and reflected in our philosophy. Our journeys will always seek to reflect our value of educational and cultural travel to encourage, empower, and enlighten people so that travelers may be enriched in their quest for life long learning.


We invite you to explore how your own mission can be advanced by a journey focused on a suitable such as who we are in light of our past, or a theme developed around cuisine, culture, music, sports or other focus worthy of a purposeful journey. Once we work with you to design your expedition, viability will be determined by the number of fellow travelers required to meet the cost of offering our expedition as your journey.


Click on the button below to engage us in a conversation about how our expedition can become your journey.


Whether as an expedition that will take you and your fellow travelers on a journey abroad or somewhere closer to home, Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC will focus on how our mission and philosophy can be brought to bear to support your dreams for a purposeful journey. 


Our expedition, A Beautiful Trip to Chicago, offers an example of how our expedition can become your journey. When Sarah Goeke, a daughter of a congregation in Southeast Missouri joined the cast of Beautiful - The Carole King musical as part of a national touring company, we developed a customized expedition so the congregation could embark on a journey to celebrate the children of their congregation, the relationship members enjoy with each other, and the opportunity to invite others into their fellowship. 


If your organization, group, or congregation has an idea for an expedition we can customize for you and your fellow travelers, we would like to talk with you about how our expedition can become your journey. Explore our gallery of images from past journeys.

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