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An Important Message for Fellow Travelers

We sincerely appreciate your patience in this difficult and uncertain time.


Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC continues to work closely with travel providers toward solutions to problems caused by a global quarantine imposed by our federal, state, local governments as well as international governments around the world including all destinations scheduled for itineraries administered by Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC for 2020. It appears all travelers currently scheduled to travel with Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC on all current travel itineraries are also under a government ordered quarantine. In addition, government entities such as the Centers for Disease Control have issued Travel Recommendations by Country as well as guidance on People at Higher Risk should they contract Covid-19.


I appreciate your trust, your dreams and your hard-earned money you invested in us when you agreed to travel with us in 2020. I value that trust. Going forward, our focus will be on finding solutions caused by the apparent global quarantine. At present, the world is literally shut down economically. There is simply no way of knowing when or how this global quarantine will be lifted, under what conditions, and much less when, whether or under what conditions airlines will take us to the destinations of our much anticipated journey together. 

As soon as there are solutions to present, you will be among the very first to know. 


Stay safe. Stay home. Stay hopeful. One day, sooner hopefully rather than later, we will journey together. I will look forward to that day with you.


                           Peace be with You,

                           Mike Malone

Email: info@maloneclan.org                   Address:  146 Super Bowl Drive Jackson, MO  63755-8462                    Telephone: 573.979.5501

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