Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC focuses on educational and cultural travel to encourage, empower, and enlighten people in their quest for lifelong learning.


An expedition, for us, means a meticulously planned travel itinerary created to empower a purposeful travel experience for all who eventually will embark upon a journey with us. 


Our expeditions are carefully created and attentively planned; yet tailored with the flexibility to focus on you and your fellow travelers so that our expedition becomes your journey.





Our expedition, Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany, began as a phrase coined by our proprietor who intended to more aptly capture the intent of the early sixteenth century reformer Martin Luther in his publication of the 95 Theses in 1517. The presentation of the 95 Theses by Martin Luther, and many of his ideas, have long been taken by Lutherans all over the world to be historically significant to their identity.

What started as a phrase blossomed into an expedition that has since produced multiple journeys of fellow travelers we have led to explore the significance of living 500 years after the European age of reformations. Our Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany will continue to be a hallmark expression of our mission to encourage, empower, and enlighten people in their quest for lifelong learning. To apply to travel with us please click on the button below:


We currently offer three options for our expedition to become your journey. First, in 2018, we are prepared to accept applications from prospective travelers that will form two cohorts of 12-24 who will embark on journeys to Germany June 19-28 and September 18-27.


Second, if you believe you can form a cohort of 12-24 fellow travelers from within your congregation, organization or group who may or may not share a formal association,we encourage you to consider extending your own Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany. We are most certainly open to selecting specific dates for a journey of your fellow travelers. Click on the button below to express your interest in extending your very own Invitation to conversation... ...in Germany.

Third, we would be delighted to discuss the development of a customized expedition for a journey of your travelers.


Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC will listen to any organization, group or congregation who believes we can create a viable, custom and mutually beneficial expedition based on the principles articulated in our mission and philosophy. Our expeditions will always seek to reflect our value of educational and cultural travel to encourage, empower, and enlighten people so that members on a journey may be enriched in their quest for life long learning.


Once we work with you to design your expedition, viability will be determined by the number of fellow travelers required to meet the cost of offering our expedition as your journey. We invite you to explore how your own mission can be advanced by a journey focused on who we are in light of our past, cuisine, culture, music, sports or other theme suitable to a purposeful journey. Click on the button below to engage us in a conversation about how our expedition can become your journey:

Email: info@maloneclan.org                   Address:  146 Super Bowl Drive Jackson, MO  63755-8462                    Telephone: 573.979.5501

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Our First Team 500 Group May 2017

The fellow travelers on our first Team 500 journey to Germany.