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                            ...TO YOUR OWN JOURNEY

Creating your own purposeful journey can be as simple as determining that you have enough people for a viable trip​ featuring one of our great itineraries and finding mutually agreed upon travel dates. Contact us and we will discuss the feasibility of offering your own customized journey. 

You may decide that you have enough people in your congregation, organization or group to extend, for example, your own Invitation to Conversation... Germany. The reasons to do so can be many and varied. Perhaps, the dates of journeys we have planned simply do not work for you and other fellow travelers in your group. Maybe you know another pastor or congregation leader with whom you would like to partner in offering a journey together and believe you will have enough fellow travelers to do so. It could be the case that you are part of an informally affiliated group of colleagues or friends for a purposeful journey. Whatever your reasons, we would be delighted to discuss extending an invitation to your own customized journey.

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